How to play a double bubble slot?

The double bubble is a cute themed slot game from the games featuring the classic fruit machine symbols and a twinkling theme tune. This is a reel game with a pastel color scheme for a gentle atmosphere, and the bubble float upwards along with the side of the screen to go along with the theme. This will be a simple game at heart with a wild symbol and multiplier awards. There will be a bonus feature, which all adds to the bubbly fun.

How to play a double bubble slot game?

This is the doubly bubbly slot that will a great and fun. If you line up the bubbly bonus bubbles, you will enter the bonus round to make them go pop. Slots will be easy to learn, and they will be an exciting way to win big.

Coin size:

First, you have to select the coin size, and then this will control the amount on each line. The size of the coin will be significant because the amount you win will be based on a multiple of your coin size. The larger the coin size, the more you will win the game.

Win lines:

Now you have to select the number of lines you want to bet on. Lines will be colored and appear across the reels. You can bet up to 20 tracks with a double bubble slot. The more win lines will pick the more expensive spin that will be a winning chance for any single turn. If you bet on a lot of lines, then it will increase your winning opportunity that will be based on the coin size you have chosen in lines.

Wild symbols:

The double bubble symbol will be wild, like the joker in cards. This will be the substitute for any symbol to complete the winning combination.

Bubble line win:

If any of the symbols appear inside a double bubble slot, it will be placed in the second win area along the bubble line. If the symbols that appear in the second area make the winning combo, then that combo will be multiplied by the number of lines. If you bet on 20 lines, then you will get x 22 wins.

Game rules:

The actual coin size will be shown in the bottom left of the screen. You can bet up to twenty lines on every spin by using the best one to change the number of lines. Each turn will be completely random, and that will be independent. It will not affect the previous spins.

The amounts that will be shown in the paytable are coin multipliers and multiply the active coin size. Wins will be scored from left and right, starting on the leftmost reel. The double bubble symbol will be wild and substitute for another symbol except for the bonus game symbol. In the bonus round, you will receive three bubbles to choose from, and that bubble will burst out for selected coin multiplier.